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Our Approaches

Below, you’ll find our approaches to a few different areas of building a consumer crypto startup in today’s world: web3, culture, and product. This is who we are.


<aside> <img src="/icons/globe_pink.svg" alt="/icons/globe_pink.svg" width="40px" /> web3 is the largest paradigm shift in technology since the internet, and it will enable a new age of digital freedom.


The goal is ownership, the goal is freedom.

Bunches seeks to enable the average person to own their income, their audience, and their online identity. We do this by enabling access to the blockchain in a consumer-friendly way, empowering every day people to enjoy the fruits of the greatest innovation in technology since the advent of the internet, starting with a web3 messenger.

Value is not just financial.

Our friendships, communities, hobbies, and the content we consume all hold value. web3 is the internet of value, and we believe that by surfacing and organizing the non-financial and ****financial things our users value, we can show and celebrate people’s whole digital identities.

web3 is not the end, but the means.

Crypto, blockchain, decentralization: as important and as groundbreaking as they are, are not the end goals. Like any other technology, web3 is meant to serve people. In this case, crypto technologies are tools to provide economic, political, and social freedom. To provide provable digital ownership. To make for a better world. Technology is meant to serve people. Not the other way around.


<aside> <img src="/icons/heart_pink.svg" alt="/icons/heart_pink.svg" width="40px" /> Culture is how we do things: we aim to both enjoy the work…and who we work with.


Respect everyone for who they are.

Bunches respects everyone’s individuality and their freedom to express themselves as they see fit. We’re a team focused on enabling, not stifling, communication. We don’t seek to moderate or normalize opinions. Bunches does not issue official corporate stances on political or social issues. Our company culture is deeply rooted in respect for the individual, and we don’t allow external events or politics distract us from our mission.

Leadership matters.